5 Must Do’s to be Successful in Network Marketing 1

Number one thing that you must do as a network marketer, is plug into your company’s system.

Even if you don’t agree with everything that they are teaching know…

  • The system
  • The scripts.
  • The comp plan

You may be building online more than your company teaches, but it is still a very good idea to know the comp plan, the scripts and the systems, that the company uses and the process, so that you can teach and know what some of your distributors are going to be plugging into,  it’s super important, to be as congruent as possible with the company.

This will create less confusion in your team, and less confusion, means more presentations done, more people rank advancing and more people making money. Which means in turn you advancing and making more money.

5 Must Do’s to be Successful in Network Marketing 2

The second one is, personally develop your face off!

As we get into network marketing, we have to be able to share skill sets with others.  How to do certain things and we cannot give what we don’t have!

Be diligent in your own self development.

It’s super important to personally develop your face off.

Iv’e heard it said to hustle your face off…I say personally develop your face off!

Try to do at least 10 minutes a day, or ten pages a day and be really intentional on what you’re learning.

It is Network marketing, the marketing piece in it, suggests that you may need to know marketing.

You want to be educated on skill sets used in building online and offline, as much as possible.

Personal development is one of the main keys, to building a massive business.

Your business will never out grow your own personal development.

When you intentionally learn skills, you will be able to share with your team and create authority with other people that may be looking to work with you.

When you create authority you attract higher qualified people to your team, and your team will grow faster.

5 Must Do’s to be Successful in Network Marketing 3

Next, work on your likable factor.

People that are successful have people that just gravitate towards them, they attract people to them and they usually have a system that leverages their time to sift and sort through these people. If you want to learn more on getting a system click here for my free training.

Work on your likability factor.

Now, I get it! This is hard for me too, because my natural tendency is to be up in my head, to listen and not be heard.

I am not one that likes the spot light, but to build a network of people that know, like and trust you…. you have to be likable.

  • Join the conversations
  • Smile
  • Learn peoples names
  • Genuinely curious about others

Be careful to not have RBF, when I get up in my head, my face does this (RBF) thing. (if you don’t know what that is send me a private message and I will tell you)

If you feel like you are up in your head and your face is unapproachable,  you will have to physically and mentally think about it and change it.

It drives people away, when your face is grumpy.

How do you become more likable?

  • Listen to other people, that are likable
  • Mirror their actions
  • The way that they speak
  • Help others with their problems

Helping  other people with their problems, their wants, pains, their desires and really be a great friend to people…even if they are not going to enroll in your team…get away from always thinking with your wallet.

This is a great way to up your likability factor.

5 Must Do’s to be Successful in Network Marketing 4

Build long-term relationships.

Just recently, I reached out to someone that had friended me.

I said, “hey, great to connect, just wanted to say hello,” that kind of stuff and then BOOM, five seconds later I got ambushed with, “would you like to buy something?”

Now this is definitely not the way to go about it.

You want to build long term friends.

If they have a problem and you can solve it, you can say, “hey, you know what? I may have a solution for that. Are you open to taking a look? Or jumping on a call to discuss it?

As the friendship grows, it will naturally come up that you can ask…

“Are you open to taking a look at what I’m doing?”

But don’t just throw it out there, five seconds after you meet someone! Like don’t just slap them with it.

And definitely, do not be desperate, you can solve this feeling of needing everyone if you have a system to bring you leads everyday, of qualified people wanting to hear from you. You can check it out here if you would like.

5 Must Do’s to be Successful in Network Marketing 5

Number 5 is…becoming an expert communicator and this my friends, is where your business will have exponential results.

If you can get really clear on people’s pains, wants and desires, and how you can solve it, your business can grow really, really quickly.

Now, when you put all of these together, it is a massive recipe for success.

Put these these five things above, into play and keep moving your business forward.

In Summary:

  •  Always be a friend first
  •  Be concerned about people
  •  Really understand where they are
  •  Understand where they’re going
  •  Understand what’s important to them
  •  AND how you can help them get there

If you got value, please comment, like and share.

Thanks, Dave

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